unleash your inner athlete

Things we LOVE


You can play this game anywhere! On the grass, in the sand, and even on water.


It's a chill game too! Playing sessions at the park and the beach always make for a good time.


Besides the Internal Competitions we also host tournaments and battle other teams throughout the country!

Things we DO


Throughout the whole year we organize tons of fun activities like halloween, spikebrite discos, dinners and beach days.


Join us to trips to international tournaments like Prague or Paris or stay a bit closer to home and join us when we visit other roundnet associations around the Netherlands.


Go to parties, pub quizzes or just have a chill drink after a training.


Partner with us

Take the leap (pun intended) and collaborate with us! We can offer:

  • Great visibility for your brand
  • Clinics for your employees/members
  • And more!

Just send us a message and we can see how we can collaborate together!

Our sponsors:

Easy to set up and easy to get into!

During trainings we provide the materials for you. Want to take it further by yourself? Well with us you get a great discount on the equipment needed to play the game in your spare time, and you get discounted access to all of the activities and tournaments that we host!

During the week we play on the times listed below, usually until we get tired or want to go for a drink in the sports canteen.


Free plays:  Mondays        |  19:00 – 21:00

Trainings:    Wednesdays |  19:30 – 21:00


Whether you’re curious about clinics, a free trial, or just out of general interest, we’re here to answer any questions. Talk to you soon!